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Today is a beautiful day print.

Print from Bed Bath & Beyond.

I just did some quick math, and this is what I figured out: Mondays make up roughly 1/7th of your life.

So do Fridays.

And Saturdays.

WHOA. Shocking, I know.

So why spend 1/7th of your life complaining and hating it and wishing you had more coffee/counting the minutes til happy hour/whatever?  Do you realize how much time that’s wasting that you could be spending on other things?

Each week when I was a collegian in my sorority, we had chapter on Monday nights.  And not only did we have chapter, but we had formal chapter, where we all had to wear pin attire – essentially business casual – and look presentable.  There were days when putting on pin attire at the end of a long day was the last thing I wanted to do, but it was actually really nice to get dressed up and see all my sisters.  It was refreshing and a great way to officially start the week.  We closed every chapter reaffirming our commitment to our sisterhood and officially citing the start of the new week, and it felt like the week hadn’t really begun until we did that.  Looking back, I miss that.

As a horseback rider for many, many years, the barns I always rode at were all closed on Mondays to give everyone the day off to rest and refresh.  It was the one day none of the horses were ridden, and it was everyone’s “weekend” away from the barn, where they could get everything done.  Monday has always been my official re-start of the week because of this.

I get really annoyed when I see people posting about how much they hate Mondays.  Do I hate some Mondays?  Yes. Do I hate some Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays?  Yes.  There have been times when I’ve hated Saturdays.  But I’m grateful for each day and I try my hardest to see the good and excitement in each day.

Today some very Monday-ish things happened (I didn’t get the close parking space! My toilet clogged! A toothless man kept asking me very random questions when I just wanted some peace and quiet!) but you know what?  Those moments have passed, and they could just as easily have happened on Friday as on Monday.  So instead, I choose to see Mondays as a new week and a new opportunity, and each Monday I wake up excited to see what the week will bring.  Sometimes that means the week will bring amazing things, and sometimes you have to create those amazing things for yourself and find those moments in each day.  Today, I chose to indulge in those moments: a surprise soft pretzel snack and one last summer late afternoon to sit by the pool and soak in some sun.

Tonight starts a new week.  What could this week bring?  I’m excited to see!

Y’all, Stop Hating on Mondays.

20something life

September 1, 2015


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