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I’m writing this post from my bed, wrapped in my big fuzzy pink robe, with my pup sleeping beside me.  When I woke up today I had big aspirations to get a bunch of unpacking done, check off everything on my to do list at work, and even pick up some of the bits and pieces left in my old apartment.  But at lunchtime today I started craving salty food something fierce, and by 3 pm I was feeling the beginnings of a headache coming on, so I called it an afternoon about an hour later.  I hightailed it home and got right on the couch to take as long of a nap as Charm would let me.  And you know what?  I feel so much better now.  Not 100% better, but functional, and I can tell I cut off the beginning of a migraine.

This has been a very hard lesson for me to learn.  Usually when I can feel a migraine coming I try to cram as many things as possible into my day and I end up flat on my back for the rest of the night.  I try to tough it out, and try to prove that my day can’t be controlled by something like a little (actually a huge) headache.  But you know what?  That just means I’m taunting the beast and it’s likely going to come on even more fiercely later.  It’s taken me a long time to realize that the way I can control my day is actually to go ahead and rest first, and that allows me to control the headache.  

Don’t try to be a hero.  You already are a hero, just by being you, so don’t push it.  Your body knows what you need.  Some days, I have seemingly endless energy and I can tick everything off of my to-do list.  And some days, all I want to do is nap.  Those feelings are my body’s way of sending a message – and it’s important for me to listen.  I have never regretted getting in bed and getting some rest, or going for a jog when I felt antsy, because my body knew exactly what the solution was for my problems.  Listen to your body, truly listen and understand what your body needs: it can be fuel, fluids, rest, activity, or something else.  Then, give your body what it’s asking for, and see how you feel.  I bet you’ll start to feel so much better.

Listen To Your Body


May 27, 2016


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