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I took Charm out for a walk tonight and noticed how large and beautiful the moon is in the sky.  I didn’t even try to photograph it because smartphones just don’t do full moons justice.  I read that tonight’s full moon is special because it’s a Supermoon, and while it’s the second of three Supermoons we’ll have in the final three months of this year (October 14, November 14, and December 14), according to NPR it is “unusually close and completely full.”

I have to say though, this moon caught my eye for a completely different reason. I have been working up a storm this weekend between cleaning my house, finally painting a spot I’ve needed to paint for months, hanging up a bunch of things on the walls, and in general getting my life in order.  And then this afternoon, I felt exhausted and bummed, even though I had crossed so many tasks off my to-do list.  Well, it turns out, the Supermoon could be the cause of that.  

In some circles, full moons are a time of reflecting and letting go, and I even found an interesting article on how the Supermoon may affect you based on your sign (I have to say – I totally related to everything associated with Aquarius).  While I am no expert (or even novice) in astrology, I do find it interesting and find the parallels to my life striking – although many skeptics will point out that an active mind can draw parallels anywhere.  My takeaway is that although it’s always important to be gentle with yourself, it’s especially important to do so when there are greater forces at work.  That can be changes of seasons, full and new moons, inclement weather…we have no idea how these forces affect us, and they affect each and every one of us differently.  I remember back when I was riding regularly we would always be on high alert around the full moon because the horses seemed to be wild those days, and I’ve heard of other animals acting weird around the phases of the moon as well.  

My point here: you can take astrology or leave it, and read as much into it as you want, but you never know what factors are affecting your life outside of those you can control.  So control what you can. Take that lazy afternoon on the couch.  Make yourself a nice mug of tea or hot chocolate. Take a day off from working out if you’re feeling particularly exhausted.  If you feel like you need something, chances are your body is telling you something, so take a few moments to listen.  And don’t forget to go outside and check out that Supermoon between sunset tonight and sunset tomorrow!

Tonight’s Supermoon


November 13, 2016


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