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Yep, this is pretty self-explanatory.  Here are five things I’ve really been enjoying this week.

  1. Hot Yoga. More specifically, Power Flow classes. Honestly, I never thought I’d type those words. Hot yoga was always something that intimidated me and that I had on my mental “never” list. But then a couple of weeks ago I accidentally went to a heated (not hot!) yoga class (as in, the class description didn’t say anything about heat but the heat was DEFINITELY blowing the whole time which actually felt awesome and I made it through class) and ever since then I’ve been dipping my toe in the world of hot yoga through a few different Power Flow classes, which change from day to day and are heated anywhere from 85-98 degrees.  It’s been a fun new adventure and I honestly love how yoga makes me feel.  I’m working my way up to a true hot yoga class (26 postures in 105 degree room with 30+% humidity) but for now I’m really enjoying this new challenge!
  2. Ginger Turmeric Tea.  I’ve been a huge fan of ginger and turmeric for a while now, and both are wonderful in smoothies (see my favorite smoothie recipe here – great for when you’re feeling headachy or getting sick!).  These two have gotten a lot of press lately for their various anti-inflammatory properties (turmeric is as effective as 14 drugs apparently?) and while I have no definite proof, I sure feel good when I incorporate them in my diet – plus they taste yummy!  I found this tea at Trader Joe’s the other day and I had to pick it up. It’s an awesome caffeine free option that has a bit of a zing to it, and it’s a fun way to switch up your beverage game especially in the winter when all you want is something warm to sip on. 
  3. Sun butter. This is sunflower seed butter, which I use in place of peanut butter. Back when I read “Heal Your Headache” one of the categories of foods to cut out was peanuts, and since there are so many peanut butters out there with tons of sugars, that’s something I’ve been cognizant of anyway.  I’m not a huge fan of almond butter so I love this alternative, plus it’s just lightly sweetened (there is so much sugar in some nut butters!). Right now I’m loving this on some sprouted wheat toast with a bit of raspberry jam.
  4. My tanks. I’ve been working on some new designs which is so fun, and I love wearing these to work out. Two new designs are on their way, and you can pre-order on Etsy now! You can also like The Strug Lifestyle on Facebook. I’ll also be doing a holiday promotion since these make great holiday gifts for your favorite fitness pal.
  5. Sleep. This week I have been just pooped, and I’ve been listening to my body. I think it could be the side effect of some of my medications, but it also could just be my body telling me I need to take care of myself. Charm and I have had single-digit bedtimes all week which has just been the greatest, and I’ve gotten anywhere between 8 and 9 hours of sleep each night.  Sometimes a lazy week is just what you need.

Have a great weekend!

Five Things I Loved This Week

5 things

December 4, 2016


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