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Remember back in January when I said I like to make monthly goals?  I wasn’t kidding, I do!  February somehow got away from me before I shared my goal for the month, but have no fear! I’m here to report on how my January goal went, and to share my February goal and how that went.

So…back to January.

Goal: Keep my kitchen table clean (instead of dumping everything on it when I walk in the back door).

How did I do?  Pretty well! I still have a stack of magazines on the table at all times, and jackets draped over all the chairs, but I have stopped losing important pieces of paper on the table.  I’m much more likely to sit down and eat a meal there now too, since I don’t have to move a bunch of stuff before I can eat – win! Overall, I’ll call this goal a success. The table still looks better some times than others, but that’s life – it’s all about balance.

Now that you’re up to date, let’s talk about February.

Goal: Get dressed once each morning. That means instead of putting on one outfit to take the dog out, and then changing to go to work, I wanted to streamline everything and put on my outfit for the day before taking Charm on a walk.

Why? I found that I was spending a lot of time rummaging around looking for sweats to put on, and then another bit of time trying to decide what to wear once it was time to get ready for work, and it honestly just felt inefficient. Plus, when I work from home, I am highly likely to stay in my pajamas all day…not the best look.

How did I do? Pretty darn well! I’ve gotten into the habit of laying in bed for a few extra moments, usually snuggling with the pup or waking up, and thinking about what I want to wear that day. I get a little bit of extra time in the morning, and then I have more time to walk the dog and feel less rushed.  Anything that can bring some zen to my morning is easy for me to enjoy. I was worried about this because I am notorious for getting toothpaste on myself when I brush my teeth, and so far I haven’t done that, so we’re on a roll!  It is starting to become a habit to get dressed first thing when I jump out of bed, and I have to wash fewer clothes each week since I don’t have quite as many outfit changes each day. A win-win and definitely a habit I’ll continue!

So there you have it. Two goals, a success and a half as far as I’m concerned. I’ll be back on Wednesday with my March goal! So get to thinking…what are your goals for the coming month??

Wait…What About Those Goals?


February 28, 2017


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