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Nashville, TN 37203
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Y’all.  I did a weird thing yesterday. I floated. Yes, in water.

No, it was not on a huge swan in the pool, or on a noodle in the ocean.

It was in my own personal pod. SAY WHAT?

I had heard of floating from some of the podcasts I listen to (like this episode of That’s So Retrograde) and thought it sounded cool, but I figured there was no way it was a thing in Nashville.  Well, I was wrong!  I literally googled “flotation tank Nashville” and found Float Nashville, and promptly booked myself a float. It was super easy: I picked which tank I wanted to reserve, put it on hold, and was ready to go.  They sent a super detailed email with all the info I needed, and I essentially showed up in my comfy clothes ready to go about 10 minutes before my float time.

They have two different kinds of tanks: enclosed (two of them) and open. Theoretically the open one is better if you are claustrophobic, and while I agree with that, the tank is just open in the room, which to me feels a little weirder than being in an enclosed space. I don’t LOVE small spaces and I did just fine in the enclosed tank.

So here’s what happens. When you walk in, you’re greeted and fill out some info and then they show you to your room. You have your own private room (though you can book multiple rooms at a time if you’re there with a friend or two) and once you’re shown to your room, you strip down and rinse off before climbing in the tank. If you want you can put in earplugs and pull your hair back, and then you’re all set. Climbing in the tank is probably the hardest part because you need to maneuver stepping in, balancing on the slippery liner, and getting the door of the tank closed. It definitely takes some coordination. Once you’re in the tank, you float like a cork.

Float Nashville Pod

My own personal oasis…for 90 minutes.

I’m not gonna lie. It’s kinda weird at first. It’s dark, it’s quiet, you’re wet, you have earplugs in…it’s definitely weird to start. But it feels great to float! The feeling of being weightless was awesome, and I felt no pain in my body – which was great because I was insanely sore from some tough workouts this weekend. Weirdly enough my teeth/jaw got sore toward the end, but I think that’s just because I was holding my tension there. I also started floating like a starfish (arms and legs out to my sides) but ended up resting my hands on my sternum which released all the pressure in my neck and shoulders, and I liked that the best.

It’s funny, while I was in the tank it felt like I had been there forever and like the floating would never end, and I got pretty darn bored. I kept squirming around (partly because it was fun!) and I realized how little I like sitting still. I’m fine being without my phone, but I kept wishing I had a podcast or music to listen to while I was floating. Once I was out of the tank, though, it felt like I had only been there for a blink of an eye. I think that’s the power of perspective – 90 minutes can feel insanely long but before you know it it’s over and feels like no time at all has passed. That’s probably the most important lesson I took away – everything moves by faster than you expect, and you won’t hardly remember the tough or awkward times, you only remember the good feelings.

The most profound effect I felt from floating was the sense that it can amplify everything – good and bad. So if you want your life to be amplified, then go for it! This might be a great time to write, listen to music, or go on that hot date with your bae. But also know this is probably not something you will want to do and then go see a sad or scary movie, or have that tough conversation you’ve been meaning to have, or make big life decisions.  Any emotions you have could be magnified – so the good will be great, and the bad will be worse, and the weird will be weirder. That’s just my experience though, so I think for me the best thing was to come home and eat and watch some FRIENDS.

Overall, it was an interesting and positive experience! I will be curious to see if I notice any lasting effects.  I’m not rushing back to try it again tomorrow, but I definitely wouldn’t be opposed to doing it again if a friend wanted to try it.  

What’s next on my list? I’ve got my eye on cryotherapy (supposed to be great for inflammation), a sauna (because sweating is my favorite part of hot yoga), and a sound bath (because OMG this seems so cool).  Have you tried any of these? If you’re in Nashville, do you know anywhere to go try any of these? Or want to come with me?  Let me know!!

Float Nashville


March 27, 2017


  1. Megan Tang says:

    We have a float spa near us and I have been dying to try. Thank you for sharing this information. I have been too nervous to try!

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