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A new month, a new set of goals! I’ve really enjoyed my monthly goals so far, and I would consider January and February to be successes overall.  The biggest indicator of success for me is how easily I incorporate these goals into my regular routine – and so far, I’ve pretty easily altered some small daily routines.  I have a few goals this month because they all just felt right, and this is the first month I’ll be tackling more than one goal.

March Goals:

  1. Go on a spending fast: no extraneous spending outside essentials, food, and transportation.
  2. Take one non-yoga workout class per week.
  3. Promote myself and my various creative projects more.

Let’s break these down, one by one.

Goal #1: Go on a spending fast: no extraneous spending outside essentials, food, and transportation.

Why? I feel like I’ve been spending a lot of money lately, on things that I didn’t necessarily NEED.  It kind of started around the holidays in December with holiday presents (which are totally valid!), and then in January my birthday turned into a month-long excuse to treat myself, and then in February there were a few more things I wanted to buy (like a new hairdryer and new foundation) that I just hadn’t bought in YEARS. Seriously – I’ve had my hair dryer for at least 4 years, and I was in a bit of a makeup rut since my skin is so sensitive and I discovered what worked for me back in Chicago when my skin was at its worst. I was ready to break out of that rut and try some new things, which is great!

But…I really have everything I want and need now. Sometimes I feel a bit overwhelmed with how much stuff I have in my house, and I am conscious of not creating too much waste these days. So I want to try to keep my spending to a minimum this month.  I’ve read articles about people who go on true spending fasts and do not spend a dime all month, but I am trying to focus on what I need to function versus the luxuries I don’t need to indulge in all the time.

So, what are the rules? My goal is to only spend money on essentials (such as medications), food, and transportation this month. And by food, I mean groceries and social meals only. If I cut out all dining out I would have no social life, so the rule is no takeout, no fast food on my own, and no stopping for Donut Den on my way to work. Transportation includes getting gas, paying for parking when needed (because this is Nashville, after all) and paying for Uber/Lyft when needed. It also includes being cognizant of what will be most cost effective in a given situation – so ridesharing is king for this.  As I’ve mentioned before when I talk about my diet experiments, the whole point here is to reduce stress, not add it, so I don’t want to make this a challenge where I am stressing out about spending as little as possible. If anything, I want to become more cognizant of maximizing the resources I already have, such as tons of beauty samples.

Goal #2: Take one non-yoga workout class per week.

Why? I’ve gotten into a great routine with my almost-daily classes at Hot Yoga Plus, and it truly has transformed my fitness and my health (way fewer migraines, I swear!). But I also get a little bored – and really sweaty – going to hot yoga all the time, and it is definitely becoming more in my comfort zone, so I want to try some new things and mix it up to keep things interesting. Potential classes I have in mind include TRX, HIIT, spinning, and strength training – essentially all a bit different from yoga. I downgraded from my ClassPass unlimited plan (RIP) to the 5 classes per month plan, and that should be perfect for exploring various types of workouts. There are so many awesome studios here in Nashville that it would be a shame to not try as many as possible!

Goal #3: Promote myself and my various creative projects more.

Why? I’ve been writing on this blog on and off for over 3 years now. I created my own line of workout tanks. I find all the various opinions and fads in the health and wellness world fascinating. I have a podcast in the works. But I think if you talked to a lot of people in my life, they would have no clue about these projects. I don’t mean that I want to get out there and try to gain followers or make a ton of money from my shirts, although both of those would be nice side effects. What I really want to do is truly embrace these portions of my identity and come into my own more. I want people to know that I enjoy writing. I want people to know that I love designing my tanks (and have a lot more ideas that I would implement if I had the time and resources). So I want to challenge myself to bring these projects up in conversation more, tweet about them, post about them on Instagram (and post more on @thestruglifestyle on Instagram), and generally really own these aspects of who I am. I’m nervous about this goal because it feels like I will really be putting myself out there for others to judge, but my hope is that it will bring me closer to the people who share those passions, and continue to be a wonderful creative outlet for me. This will be challenging because it feels like I’m opening myself up to judgment, and it involves being vulnerable, but in the end the person whose judgment I value most is me!

I have to say, I’m already on my way with these goals.

It feels like it’s going to be a big month! I’ll definitely check back at the end of the month to report on my progress – and maybe even a progress update around St. Patrick’s Day.

Now, it’s your turn – what are your goals this month?

March Goals


March 5, 2017


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