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As I predicted, April was crazy. Between programming at work, training for barre, travel for work, and life….a lot went down. I have to say, I survived April better this year than I did last year! An added bonus: it was the first month this year where I didn’t have to take a day off from work because of a migraine. That is a HUGE accomplishment, considering I was traveling for about 14 of 30 days.

When April was almost over…we OUA-ers got a little silly!

So, how did I do with those April Goals?

Move every day.
I did pretty darn well on this one! It was a challenge for sure, and there were definitely days when I didn’t do a specific workout, but when you spend 2 hours standing and answering questions at a college fair, I think that counts. I found some new favorite workout studios (I’m looking at you CorePower Yoga and Studio Three) and have continued to love using ClassPass to work out on the road.

Limit candy consumption to one serving per day.

Okay not gonna lie…this one was a SLAM DUNK. I seriously cut down on how much candy I ate this month – I got some during my first trip in April and actually haven’t even finished it yet! While I love a sweet treat every now and then, I’m starting to realize that candy doesn’t make my stomach feel super great. And with the discovery of Rebbl tonics, I have a semi-healthy substitute for candy when I need a boost. So we’re going to call this a resounding win.

My absolute favorite April snack!

Here’s what I’ve got in mind for May.

Get the podcast up and running. I have wanted to start up a podcast since January of this year for so many reasons…I’m sure I’ll go into those soon. I bought the necessary equipments (with credit card points, woo!) and I need to just get it up and running. More to come on this – hopefully with an episode or two soon!

Share one new thing each day. This actually relates a bit more to the vision I see for this platform, The Strug Lifestyle. I’ve been really into trying new things all the time, from workouts to food to tips and tricks, and I want to share what I’ve been trying. I get so caught up in trying to write the perfect post and post it at the perfect time that I end up not sharing all the cool things I’ve been up to until WAY late, so I want to be more present. Time to just get a quick post up there every day and share what I’m enjoying, and hopefully you’ll enjoy it too! Expect to see a post every day this month – and if you don’t, you have my full permission to call me out on it!

That’s all for now. It’s Friday night and I’ve got a full weekend ahead, so it’s time to cuddle up with my little pup and get some rest!

April Recap and May Goals


May 5, 2017


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