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No, this post is not about being sad in the summertime. The post title is inspired by this song which I love so much.

district donuts

But….I do get a little bit of summertime sadness, especially when summertime feels like it is coming to an end.  Summer is my absolute favorite season, and I always get a little sad when I step outside in the morning to feel the crisp air that necessitates a long sleeve shirt.  This summer was wonderful, busy, stressful, crazy, and full of old and new friends.  It has flown by (but it’s not over yet!) and at the same time has felt like it has been years long.  What is it they say? The days are long but the years are short? I’m definitely starting to feel that way.

I was feeling quite stressed as the summer started (and wore on), and it turned into a season of knowing what to embrace and what to release.  One of the things I released was blogging.  I was in a place where writing was more stressful than fulfilling, plain and simple.

While I tried to release some stressors from my life, I also made space for the activities and people I love.

Things I did this summer:

  1. CMA Fest (for the second time – and for all four days). You can really go all-out and embrace the mayhem, or you can stay as far away as possible.  I took a staycation and managed to do both!  I think this topic (How to CMA Fest) deserves its own post to really do it justice.
  2. Experienced my first NHL Stanley Cup Final (though not in the rink) – the mayhem it brought to this city was amazing.  This leads to 2a: learned way more about the catfish tradition than I ever thought I would.
  3. Started teaching barre classes at Neighborhood Barre Nashville.  Check out the schedule here and come join me!  I’m on a pretty regular 6 am and weekend schedule in Green Hills.
  4. Found an amazing massage therapist. Self care is important, y’all. If you’re in Nashville check out Brian at Soma Massage South.
  5. Deepened old and new friendships. Between trips and weekends with coworkers, college friends coming to town, holding a coworker’s 36 hour old baby, and planning girl’s weekends away, I truly feel like I have found my tribe.
  6. Rediscovered my love of reading. I live right down the street from Ann Patchett’s amazing bookstore and found a few books I absolutely love there, including this one that is eerily on point.
  7. Discovered my love of YouTube makeup tutorials and vlogs. I am ADDICTED. They are so soothing and calming, and I have definitely learned a thing or two about makeup!  My favorites include Casey Holmes, Kelly Strack, RachhLoves, and Nashville’s own Mallory Ervin.
  8. Ate SO MANY donuts (see #tourducarbs parts one and two, also known as early and late Road Shows). Top honors for the tour go to District Donuts in New Orleans (pictured at the beginning), Fox’s Donut Den right here in Nashville, and Plehn’s Bakery in Louisville, KY (pictured below).
  9. Watched two friends, Kylie Morgan and Jay Allen, play at The Bluebird Cafe (oh and one of them, Jay, just put out an EP so you need to go check it out!)

As you can tell, it was quite a summer!  I can’t wait to see what adventures are to come….plus I have plenty to tell you about now that I’m back.

Happy Sunday!

Summertime Sadness


August 20, 2017


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