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Last weekend, I sprained my foot by missing my last stair (going downstairs to feed Charm at 5:04 am…) and I have been in a boot ever since. I’ve also got crutches, or crunches as my dad and I used to call them, but I’ve been avoiding those like the plague. So this week’s planned vacation turned into a staycation, and more accurately a stay-on-the-couch-cation. I took my Fitbit off because I didn’t want it yelling at me to take more steps and fewer naps!

Collection of right shoes

I’ve developed quite the collection of right shoes in my kitchen.

This week of rest has been unfamiliar but much needed, and I’ve found myself thinking some things that I never would think normally, with my pretty active lifestyle.  For fun, here’s a little peek into my brain over the past week.

Things Kim Thinks While Injured

  1. Can we park a little closer?
  2. Can I sit down yet?
  3. Will I ever be able to wear heels again?
  4. Do these socks match my boot?
  5. Is it too early to nap?
  6. Is it too late to nap?
  7. How many naps a day is too many?
  8. Just one more YouTube video and then I’ll get out of bed… (okay, this is one I think all the time anyway)
  9. How far can I stretch to reach that thing next to my bed without actually getting up?
  10. Does this dress match my boot?
  11. Note to self: I need to make sure I put all my right shoes back with their pair…this is a mess waiting to happen.
  12. If I only wear the right shoe of a new pair is the left one going to be way less broken in?
  13. Thank goodness I’m not teaching any yoga or barre classes this week!
  14. My body is healing, I definitely need to eat that (donut/cookie/ice cream sandwich) to help it heal.
  15. Ugh. I’m SO SORE from sitting on the couch all day. (Solution: move to bed)

In all seriousness, this injury has forced me to slow down in a way I haven’t in a long, LONG time. I don’t want to be like this forever but I also want to be careful that I don’t overextend myself too soon. Fingers crossed I am on the path to a speedy recovery.


A Week in Kim’s Brain


May 25, 2018


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