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438 Houston Street, Suite 285
Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: 615-219-9409

I’m an equestrian turned yoga teacher and entrepreneur. I believe in studying yoga as a lifestyle, not just a workout, and using it to learn about my body and mind.

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founder and owner
heart of wisdom yoga

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I have really enjoyed reflecting in my recent “5 things” posts, and looking back, this has been a pretty big year, so I want to share five of the things I loved this year. Charm is healthy. It’s been just over a year of life with Charm, and our first six months together were quite […]

Five Things I Loved in 2016

5 things

January 1, 2017

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No, not that super catchy song from RENT, one of my favorite musicals/movies.  I’m talking about how sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to pack in everything I want to do.  These days especially I’ve felt like I have to say no more than I can say yes, and that’s […]

Seasons of Life


May 10, 2016

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