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420 Bridge Street
Franklin, TN 37064
Phone: 615-219-9409

I’m writing this post from my bed, wrapped in my big fuzzy pink robe, with my pup sleeping beside me.  When I woke up today I had big aspirations to get a bunch of unpacking done, check off everything on my to do list at work, and even pick up some of the bits and […]

Listen To Your Body


May 27, 2016

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There has been a lot of stress, sadness, loss, and tragedy around me in the last few months. It has been a hard year for many people, not only all over the world, but in my own communities. I really struggle with how to support others during tough times, because I would do anything for […]

Thoughts on Tough Times


April 15, 2016

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Last night, I was lucky enough to go to an awesome event on campus that was part of Arianna Huffington’s book tour for her book, Thrive.  She took part in a panel to talk about mental and physical health and well-being, stress, and coping in college students, a topic that is near and dear to my […]

What’s Your Well-Being Cocktail?


April 28, 2014

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